Administration Process

The administration of the Plywood Job Evaluation is the responsibility of the Job Evaluators and there are three Job Evaluators responsible for the administration of the plan. United Steelworkers (USW) represent the wage rate interests of its union members in Western Canada and has its own Job Evaluator in Burnaby BC. The other two Job Evaluators represent different companies within the forest industry and are employed individually by Interior Forest Labour Relations Association (IFLRA) in Kelowna BC, and Forest Industrial Relations Limited (FIR) in Vancouver BC.

The administration of the plan begins at the plant level when the Plant Job Review Committee consisting of two persons from the bargaining unit and two persons from management determine that a new job or a significantly changed existing job qualifies for job evaluation. The Request for Job Evaluation and a Job Description documents are forwarded to the Evaluators who then review the material to ensure the request for job evaluation is in order.

The Evaluators schedule a joint tour to the plant to view the job in operation to fully appreciate and confirm the job facts gathered by the Plant Job Review Committee are complete.

After the tour, Evaluators meet in the Steelworkers Burnaby Office to examine the application, interpret the function of the job against the established plan guidelines, and finalized the evaluation. Job evaluation results are then communicated to the plant and local union office.