Forest Industry
Job Evaluation

This website is intended to be an information tool and resource for USW members and industry management representatives involved with our forest industry structured-rate programs. These programs are jointly administered with USW by Forest Industrial Relations Limited, Western Forest Products Inc., International Forest Products Ltd., Interior Forest Labour Relations Association, and Council on Northern Interior Forest Employment Relations.

Job Evaluation

Job evaluation is a process for determining the value of an individual job. It begins with job analysis to obtain job descriptions and then relates the descriptions by a system designed to determine the relative value of jobs or groups of jobs. The purpose of this website is...

Provide Information

...to provide additional background information for members and visitors involved in or associated with Plywood Job Evaluation and BC Interior Sawmill and Poleyard Job Evaluation (Sawmill Job Evaluation).

Enhance Understanding

...to enhance understanding of both Plywood Job Evaluation and Sawmill Job Evaluation for those who have attended bi-lateral educational seminars. Also to provide better understanding of the application of the Sawmill Rate Determination program.

Convenient Access

...to provide convenient online access to job evaluation forms.